Thursday, February 14, 2008

A "RINO" has to ask....

I want all you "true conservatives" to tell me something: Where did the idea come from that the 2008 GOP primary was supposed to be the Second Coming of Reagan? Did I miss some Bible verse or something? There are a lot of upset people on the Right right now because we ended up with what they would call a RINO as the GOP nominee. Umm, as opposed to whom?

The flip-flopper (Romney)?
The *GASP* gun-grabbing pro-choice guy who wasn't apologetic about it (Giuliani)?
The former abortion lobbyist (Thompson)?
The guy who alternates between being William Jennings Bryan and John Edwards (Huckabee)?...

Right. Okay. Whatever.

So, where was this Reagan supposed to come from? Was the GOP supposed to be complete morons, pluck some good-looking well-spoken unknown from Bugtussle, and throw him naked and screaming into the clutches of Hillary Clinton and her pet smear machine?

Oh, here we go---they were supposed to draft Newt Gingrich. After all, the public (and Newt) just can't get enough retellings of how he left his cancer-stricken wife at her bedside, can they?

And how about Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo? After all they got so many conservative votes in the primary....oh wait, no they didn't! But how they'd win, oh yessirree! So let's all hold our breath collectively, that is such a sure way of getting what you want, right?

Take some Beano guys, because it's not your mouths making all that noise.

I thought part of the fun of being right was amusement at watching Lefties' twists, turns and perversions of logic. Then I see half of Townhall berate Michael Reagan and try and tell him that he wouldn't know what his own father would have wanted. I think I found that following a link sandwiched between blog postings calling for a brokered GOP convention when one guy is within 200 delegates of securing the nomination just before Ohio and Texas vote.

I thought only idiot lefties paid more attention to a candidate's platitudes than his actual record. Then I saw Romney made out to be The Conservative Candidate (despite only having his Road to Damascus moment on the road to his run for the White House). I thought only lefties threw themselves at some pointless and ill-thought-out plan, and then I watch some kind of plan where you don't vote for someone, they win anyway and they are somehow supposed to still need your vote enough to pander to your every little whim.

1) Refuse to vote for the GOP candidate
2) ???
3) True Conservatism (tm)

I just don't get it. Our troops are out there while the voters who are supposed to support them are busy sounding like the Underpants Gnomes. Start making some sense, folks!


Lookingfornobility said...

We know that you "don't get it" if you did you would embrace conservative positions rather than the mush provided by a certain Senator who has been running for President for over 10 years! Hillary or McCain? You choose.

But Romney is the flip-flopper? And Thompson a "abortion lobbyist"? I was a Fred supporter, BECAUSE I ACTUALLY READ THE CANDIDATE'S POSITIONS.

McCain stands, at this very second, with George Soros when it comes to my free speech. Screw your Liberty, McCain will protect us from the Jihadists?

If "security" were all that mattered why not Giuliani? If open borders did not matter why not Huckabee?

What is it about you "RINOs" or "moderates" or "centerists"? Why do you fail to understand that some people actually have principles, instead of holding their fingers to the wind?

If I don't accept your "arguments" will you then "hold your breath collectively" with the other win-at-all-cost'ers?

"Thoughtless and ill thought plan"? Are you refering to "Bob Dole 2" with less substance?

Once the bitter, old bureaucrat goes down in flames are you then going to blame conservatives because McCain was a hollow shell?

Let me remember, which Republican did the New York Times endorse? Nuff said.

RememberSekhmet said...


I am simply pointing out that in a year where we were going to be facing a well-orchestrated smear machine, people seem to be rather lacking on names for some kind of actual alternative to the slate of candidates we had. And since when are we supposed to value what a candidate says over his or her record? I can say I'm a clone of Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica, and that doesn't make it so.

Face it, you were going to be unhappy no matter what choice was made this year. If there were another Reagan prominent in GOP circles ready to jump in as the nominee, wouldn't you.....know his or her name?

Never bet your future on factors not under your control.

Whether or not McCain wins is not under your control. If he does win, and did it without your vote, you will then be irrelevant.

Whether or not the Democrat, should s/he win, screws up enough to disgust the electorate into electing the as-yet-unnamed "New Reagan" is also not under your control. Never count on your opponent's screwups, Murphy's law says they might choose the occasion to fail at failing.